Collection of academic articles

"Questions of the History of Fortification”
"Questions of the History of Fortification” is a peer reviewed collection of academic articles on the history of fortification devoted to the problems of defensive architecture from antiquity to the 20th century.
The collection publishes the following kinds of materials:
  • General reviews to follow the evolution of fortification in a definite region at a definite time.
  • Specialised research articles devoted to narrower themes, say, a definite fortification monument or monuments examined from a certain point of view.
  • Source studying articles to consider sources newly appeared from archives, or fresh interpretations of known sources, new versions of author’s translations or comments to them.
  • Historiographical reviews.
  • Communications carrying some new information received in the course of excavations or measurements of monuments.
  • Theses of reports from conferences. The HFSC organises conferences on the history of fortification every year. The theses from these conferences will appear in the collection of articles (probably alongside theses from other conferences on accordance with the organising committees of those conferences).
  • Book and article reviews devoted to the history of fortification.
Authors neither pay, nor receive anything for the publication of their articles.
Preference is given to articles supplied with illustrations. If the author has no illustrations of his own, the HFSC can offer him its own photographs or the services of an artist (in this case the author pays for the right to use the photographs or the services of an artist).
Every material sent for publication, is peer reviewed by professional scholars and published only if it is given a favourable reception.
Rules for the correct get-up of articles for the edition:
  • The text of an article is to be sent in the form of doc-file, the photographs and drawings – in the form of jpg- or tiff-files (300 dpi, of good quality).
  • Photographs taken from the Internet shall not be considered.
  • Photographs should not be put in the text, but there should be exact references to a photograph in the necessary place ("pic.1”, and so on).
"Questions of the History of Fortification” is an academic edition, so there must be references to the literature and sources. They should be end-references giving the full imprint of the source, for example:
Livy, 13.30.15.
Suetonius, Domitian, 10.1.
The cadastre of the city of Kolomna 1577/1578 // The cities of Russia of the 16th century. Materials of scribes’ descriptions. – Moscow, 2002. – P. 50. Kirilko V. P.
The fortified ensemble of Funa 1423-1475. – Kiev, 2005. - P. 13.
The responsibility for copyright violation (text or illustrations) lies fully on the author.
Materials and questions are to sent to e-mail ciif-info@yandex.ru.