History of Fortification Study Centre

History of Fortification Study Centre - non-commercial academic organisation.
Aims and purposes of the HFSC include studying the history of fortification, contributing to the preservation of defensive monuments, stimulating the development of scientific research in this field, uniting specialists in the history of fortification as well as enthusiasts, and popularising scientific discoveries.
The field of interests of the HFSC comprises fortifications all over the world from antiquity to the 20th century.
The headquarters of the HFSC is in Moscow, Russia, but the Centre is active on the international arena and scholars from all countries are welcome to join it.
Content of the activity of the HFSC:
  • Organising conferences with lectures and reports of leading specialists in the history of fortification;
  • Arranging scientific and cognitive outgo to examine certain monuments of military architecture;
  • Producing printed matter – peer reviewed collection of academic articles "Questions of the History of Fortification”, monographs and books on the history of fortification, advertising and educational leaflets, and so on;
  • Consulting on questions of military architecture;
  • Giving lectures and reading special courses in the history of fortification by specialists from the HFSC;
  • Awarding the best publication in the year devoted to the history of fortification;
  • Offering research grants in the field of the history of fortification;
  • Sponsoring excavations on interesting monuments of defensive architecture;
  • Producing documentaries and TV-programs devoted to the history of fortification;
  • Reconstructing and testing samples of siege machines;
  • Arranging special scientific, cognitive and educational tours about castles and fortresses of the world;
  • Carrying on informative and educational activities among children and young people.