Questions of the History of Fortification. Issue 6. 2017



Kalinin V.I. Fortress Modlin. Brief historical essay

Jastrzebski J. Defence of Modlin in 1915. The report lectured on organization meeting of the Fortification Section of the Society of Military Knowledge. March 25, 1926. Part 1


Nossov K.S. Armaments of the fortified lines on the eve of the Second World War: Part 1. Armaments of the Maginot Line


Lestev A.E. Fortifications used by the knights of the Order of Saint John in Malta

Nikiforov D.N. Field defensive line in the zone of responsibility of the 25-th Army constructed during the Great Patriotic War in the direction to the City of Voroshylov-Ussurijsky (Ussurijsk). Along with materials of field investigations. Part 1


from 6th conference of the HFSC (27–28 May, 2016, Moscow, Russia)

Bocharov S.G. Genoese's cities fortification in the Crimea

Adaksina S.B., Mytz V.L. The defense system of Genoese city Cembalo: 1345–1475

Petrov D.A. Ivangorod Fortress and the Italian fortifications in late 15th century

Muratova S.R., Tychinskikh Z.A. Evidence of permanent fortifications of Siberian Tatars in Tobol and Irtysh area

Nossov K.S. Unconventional timber-and-earth defensive structures in the Moscow State

Mordovin-Zalesskiy A.K., Nossov K.S. Kiev fortifications after the “Building book of the year 1679”

Bukanova R.G. Fortress Ufa in the 16th–17th centuries and the question of its modernization in the 18th century

Muratova S.R. The impact of the frontier on the character of the formation of boundary lines in the Urals and Western Siberia in the 18th century

Shemelina D.S. German engineer G. Rimpler’s ideal city-fortress: from the treatise to the realization in the Siberian Gor’kaya line fortresses (according to the 1765 redevelopment projects)

Pastukhov A.M. Siege warfare in China, 1850–1878

Avilov R.S. Vladivostok Fortress in the creation and development of the defense conception of the Russian Far East in 1860–1914: the actual situation of the issue

Kasyanov N.V. On the modern technologies in the study and preservation of monuments of the military defensive architecture


Nossov K.S. The Maginot Line today


HFSC COMPETITION for the Best Work on the History of Fortification