The 5th International HFSC Conference and tour "Fortresses of East Prussia”

took place in Kaliningradskaya Oblast and East Poland from May 2 to May 11, 2013
On the territory of Kaliningradskaya Oblast (a hotel in the city of Kaliningrad):
1 day — 1st meeting of the 5th HFSC Conference (first half of the day). Excursion on Kaliningrad defensive structures: 2nd defensive belt of Kőnigsberg (mid-19th century): the Zakheim Gate, Rossgarten Gate, King’s Gate, reduits of the bastions "Oberteih”, "Zakheim”, and the defensive barracks "Crownprince”, artillery towers "Dona” and "Vrangel” (second part of the day).
2 day — 2nd meeting of the 5th HFSC Conference (first half of the day). Excursion (second part of the day): examination of the complex of the mid-19th century Konigsberg defensive structures the Friedland and Haberberg ravelins, Brandenburg and Ausfal city gates, the gates of Fortress Fridrichsburg, the Kőnigsberg Cathedral.
3 day — "The night-shirt of Konigsberg”: excursion on Konigsberg’s belt of forts, visiting the perfectly preserved forts Nos. 1 and 3, as well as fort No. 5 notable for its most sustained resistance during the storm of Konigsberg in April 1945. Teutonic Castle Tapiau (14th – 19th centuries) — the best preserved Teutonic castle on the territory of Russia and the place of death of the last Master of the Teutonic Order. If time allows, the Teutonic Castle of Valdau will also be visited.
4 day — visiting the city walls of Friedland, Russian General Masovskii’s grave, the field of the battle of Friedland, the monument to Russian warriors dating from 1807, the Order’s church Friedland and seeing the panorama of the Old City, the ruins of Castle Taplakken and some Ordrer’s churches, Teutonic Castle Insterburg, the Bishop’s Castle of Georgenburg.
On the territory of Poland:
5 day — visiting Frauenberg (Frombork), Braniewo and Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warminski) Castles.
6 day — visiting the Teutonic capital and residence of Great Masters – Castle Marienburg (town of Malbork) – the biggest brick castle in Europe, as well as Stuhm Castle (Sztum).
7 day — visiting the most beautiful Teutonic Castle Marienverder – the resting-place of Great Masters and Schőnberg (Szymbark) and Mewe (Gniew) Castles.
8 day — excursion on Teutonic Castle Allenstein (Olsztyn), where Nicolaus Copernicus lived and worked, and castles Rőssel (Reszel) and Neidenburg (Nidzica), as well as the place of Grunwald Battle.
9 day — visiting Reden (Radzyn Chelminski), Kulm (Chelmno), Topolno and Swiecie (Scwetz) Castles.
10 day — "Touching some secrets of the 3rd Reich”: visiting of "The Wolf’s Den” ("The Volfschanze”, Himmler’s residence; Boyen Fortress (Giżycko) – the biggest stronghold of the 19th century East Prussia.
Other tours:
"Russia’s north-west fortresses”
The tour took place from May 5 to May 12, 2012.


1 day — Sightseeing excursion about St. Petersburg, including Peter and Paul Fortress.  

2 day — Fortresses of Kopor’e and Ivangorod.

3 day — Fortresses of Ladoga and Oreshek.

4 day — Kronstadt Fortress with its sea forts.

5 day — Fortifications of Vyborg and fort Ino.

6 day — Forts Red Hillock and Grey Horse.

7 day — Finnish defences (Mannerheim and VT lines).

8 day — Defences of the Karelian fortified region: Sestroretsk, Beloostrov, Lembolovo.